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Bible study

Whether you’re single or married, our aim is to offer you and your family an environment that encourages fellowship and spiritual growth. Our Bible studies are dedicated to offering solid-based teachings. 


Offered every Wednesday night. 

Sheila Orr

Minister Orr, in addition to sometimes leading Wednesday night Bible study, leads the Sunday morning Bible study each week.

pre-ministerial bible college course

The Harvest Pre-Ministerial Bible Course is a division of Courts of Praise Church. This Bible course offers the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and confidence giving a deeper awareness of the Christian faith as the revealed word of God. The purpose of this Bible course is to present the Scriptures in such a manner that every student will have acquired a firm foundation for his/her own faith, but most of all to make an impact for Jesus around the world as missionaries, evangelists, pastors and leaders, reaching every corner of the Earth.

For more information, contact gwcape@gmail.com

Tony Ventimiglia

Brother Tony is known for his humorous and informative speeches on Sunday mornings. He is the director of the Adult Ministry and oversees the Men's Breakfast each month. 

sunday school

Who says that Sunday School is only for our children? We have Adult Sunday School every Sunday morning. It's a time when the Word of God is taught with clarity, passion, and anointing. 

Offered every Sunday from 9:30 - 10:15.

Glory Capers

Glory Capers, in addition to working heavily with the children's ministry, also oversees our Pre-Ministerial Bible Course.